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John Gooden is an international presenter, sports commentator, voice over artist and writer

2014, a defining year

Wow, so 2014 has been a bit of a journey and we're not even half way through!  I feel like I have realised a few dreams, learned a great deal and all together made a lot of personal progress on many levels.  There have been a lot of sacrifices, which is consistent with anything that is worth doing, and one of those is this blog.  I really enjoy writing and I have many plans to become more active with this, but more about that another time. This post therefore is a reminder that I still have ambitions to develop, but in order to fulfil my work and family obligations, I've frustratingly not had the time.

Excuses aside I will reconnect with this very soon and describe some of the new surroundings I have found myself in.  As a taster, these are becoming a vegan, overcoming chronic pain, travelling and above all joining the most fantastic team that I have ever had the opportunity to work with.  It's one thing working with the World's biggest combat sports promotion, but quite another to be supported and inspired by your colleagues and seniors.  The team in the UK and US are brilliant and working alongside Dan Hardy and Andy Friedlander is incredible.  Not only have I taken much from this experience in a professional capacity, I have also been introduced to new ideas and thoughts that have and will benefit me in other ways.

Back to the preparations for UFC Berlin...